How To Manifest Love: Step By Step Guide

Do you feel like you’re never going to meet your soul mate? Are you wondering if there is a way for you to manifest love into your life?

You’ve come to the right place 🙂 We’ve taken the time to cover this important topic in-depth and we’ve created this “Step By Step Guide on How To Manifest Love” just for you.

There are a few steps that need to be taken in order to attract love and don’t worry they’re not complicated.

These steps are quite simple and may also help you discover something new.

Step 1: Clear Your Mind

First of you must remove things from you life that may be holding you back from actually finding love, or letting love find you. Two of these important things are forgiving others who have hurt you in the past and then letting go of difficult life events that brought you a lot of pain.

I know that these are a lot harder than they sound but once you let go of the past and learn to forgive, you will notice your mood start to uplift and you will feel like that weight has been lifted off your chest.

What helped me through this step was first saying it out loud to myself and then talking to a very close friend or family member about it. This way I was able acknowledge what was holding me back, accept it, learn from it and most importantly, let go and move on.

Quick tip: something that also helps to clear your thoughts is to clean and organize your room in the morning. You’ll notice that by making you bed neat and getting rid of junk that you don’t need, you’ll start to create a domino effect which leads to a better day.

Step 2: Learn to Love Yourself First

Now it’s time to write down what you want in life but first you need to start by writing down what you already have. (This worked better for me when I wrote it down using a plain old sheet of paper and a pencil but you can also use electronic devices if you’d like.)

First, you need to learn to love yourself and a simple way to do this is by writing down everything and anything that you love, like, enjoy or appreciate about you. This can be a physical feature such as your smile, it can be your hobbies, your sense of humor, your kindness, your big heart, your taste in music, etc..

Making this list is very important because it helps you appreciate yourself, it gives value to your amazing qualities, it helps you gain confidence and gives you a clear vision of your self-worth.

How To Manifest Love

After you’ve written down your fist list, then it’s time to write down the second and start to manifest love. This list is about the person that you would like to come into your love life.

How will this person look like? What will this person sound like? How will this person treat you? How will this person listen to you, help you, inspire you, grow old with you, etc..

Remember that no one is perfect so try not to get too picky. For example, you can describe someone special who shares your same beliefs, who helps you through life, who makes you laugh and who truly enjoys your companionship.

Step 3: Visualize the Type of Love You Desire

Visualization may sound complicated but it’s quite simple. You can start by reading the lists that you’ve written out loud at least twice a day.

These are called Daily Affirmations. (I recommend first thing in the morning and then at night before sleep.) It’s ok to update your lists with new ideas or desires that come to mind during your day.

Try also adding in all of your senses when describing the love that you truly desire in the present tense, e.g. are you getting a warm feeling when holding this person’s hand?

What scent does this person have? Do you see yourself on a romantic walk along the coast of the ocean with this person?

How To Manifest Love

Now it’s time to close your eyes, visualize and manifest love into your life. Picture your soul mate and the way that you see each other.

Are you getting a warm feeling when you both share a smile? Does it feel like you can talk and listen to each other for hours? Picture how you both are treating each other, are there good behaviors?

Does this person open the door for you when going out? Bring you joy when you’re sad? Protect you when you’re scared? Does this person support you with your career or passion? Do you see this person grow old by your side?

Step 4: Take Action and Use The Law of Attraction

During this time, it is very important to remain 100% positive and happy because love can literally show up at any giving moment. I know that it’s not so easy to do this, especially when unexpected obstacles come our way.

This is when we can use The Law of Attraction to help us stay on track. Remember that “like attracts like” and you are responsible for bringing in either positive or negative influences into your life. Your mind is like a magnet so make sure that you give out good, positive and joyful energy.

How To Manifest Love

When you do this, you’ll start to notice that people will want to be around you more and will also want to share a smile with you! It’s because that’s the same energy that you’re giving out and people can feel it.

Now staying positive and maintaining joyful energy does take some practice but it starts to become natural over time and then one day, that special someone walks into your life.

Oh, you’ll know when this happens because you’ll feel a cozy feeling in your gut and chest. Well, that’s what I felt when I met my loving wife.

Step 5: Appreciate all The Little Moments in Life

Gratitude is something that not many people practice but it is very important and it helps keep your love alive. Learn to appreciate yourself, your friends and family, the sunset, nature, animals, the air that you breathe, etc..

When you do this you’ll be a bit more aware of your surroundings, including the people that you meet and who knows, the next person that you meet could be your soul mate.

Remember that this also requires a little bit of patience on your part, so be thankful for what you already have and live in the present as if you’ve already found love.

How To Manifest Love

In Summary..

To bring love into your life, it’s always easier if you start by taking little steps first. Begin with making your bed, getting cleaned up and practicing your smile in the mirror everyday.

With daily affirmations and The Law of Attraction you can manifest love into your life too. It does take effort on your part but you’ll start to notice a difference when your vibrations and positive energy start to line up.

Don’t forget to write down your ideas, your desires, your visions and your goals. Also write down what you love about yourself and what type of love you want in your life. Yes, it’s important to learn how to love yourself fist.

Practice forgiving others, as well as having gratitude for little things in life. You must let go of your past in order for you to be happy and be open to love in the present.

Remember that you mind is like a powerful magnet and “like attracts like”. Always be optimistic, be positive, have good happy energy and live life as if you’ve already found love.

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  3. Thank you for this post! I have been reading a lot about law of attraction and manifestation and I tend to get impatient/lose trust and stop the practices rather than recentering and continuing. This is a great reminder and I will start with the list 🙂

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